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Lip Service

Tuesday, April 26 2016

Maybe I am not normal; but I have never worn lipstick. The idea of lipstick was fun, but I never EVER thought I looked good in lipstick. Everyone I know wears it, my mom has worn it my whole life - but I just could never seem to feel comfortable with that blast of bold color on my face. Because of this I built a serious collection of lip gloss and tints; nothing as "dramatic" as lipstick. Well, I am happy to report that I have conquered my insecurities. You wanna know my secret? I found the right colors! LOL It sounds simple, but for me it was not. My 2 go-to shades are "poppy pink" for my bold pink days and "red velvet" for everyday, it's literally my lip color with a double shot of color. It's literally PERFECT. Really, the "hardest" part was finding the right shade - without buying 10 lipsticks and wasting $100 (assuming they are $10/each). To be honest, I took a shot in the dark with poppy and it worked out; but the other 2 colors I guessed on didn't work out as well, but I was able to return them to Avon when I was not happy with them. YUP! Avon wants you to be happy and so do I! When I realized poppy pink is just not a daily color, I broke open my sample lipstick bullets and on a hunch I picked red velvet and I fell in LOVE. So... if you are wanting to try something new, I am HAPPY to work with you on samples or testers. Let me know! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

The D.L. on the Deo!

Saturday, April 09 2016

I have never found many people that talk about their sweat and their deodorant; but I do! I have little shame. Everyone sweats and deodorant protects me (and most people) from that unpleasant scent of b.o.My whole life I was a sweater... 10 years ago women's deodorant just stopped providing me the protection I paid it to. So, I switched to men's - for no other reason than my own thoughts that men's was somehow a stronger protector. Whether it is or not, it worked, and I never looked back. I love the smell of "man" so I didn't have an issue with the non-baby powder/flowery women's scents. In telling my story years ago to a friend she found using men's deodorant worked better for her too! It's a weird topic, but many things can be learned from others personal experience.When I began my Avon business I looked at the catalogs and thought the same thoughts I had my whole life - Who REALLY orders deodorant from Avon and uses it? It just can't protect like the others. Then in my first campaign, one of my best friends ordered 6 deodorants for her and her son. Hey look! People DO use it! Well, Avon is celebrating it's 130th Anniversary - OBVIOUSLY people use it! (I was so naive) Deciding to go "all-in" (using Avon products) I started looking at the options for deodorant. 17 roll-on options! The majority of those are scented to match our perfumes, but a few are "normal". I opted to shop the handful of "normal" scents. Switching from solid to roll-on did take a minute to get used to; remembering to let it dry was my downfall. BUT here I am a few months later and I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with my choice! I have zero trust issues with my deodorant! I personally chose the On Duty 24 sport. The 24 stands for 24 hour protection! This alone was a high selling point for me! The roll-on "stick" does not last as long as the drug store solid; but whether it's full price (only $1.99) or on special (like RIGHT NOW $1.49) it still makes it out to costing LESS than the solid sticks I used to buy. A month ago, that friend who I helped with our conversation on men's deodorant has also switched! She branched out a little further than me and ordered a few different kinds. She has opened them all and chooses what scent she wants depending on her mood that day - and she too is COMPLETELY SATISFIED! So, if you've been toying with trying out the Avon deodorant, I recommend you do it! The investment is so minimal, what do you have to lose... I trust you will GAIN more!

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